SMU International Connections (ICON) is a standing committee under SMU Students’ Association. The club is led by the ICON Executive Committee who represents the voice for all international students in SMU. ICON provides international experience right at campus through many local activities and overseas programmes.



To cultivate a familial culture to achieve integration in SMU and to ensure the well-being of the ICON community.



1. To facilitate integration by advocating diversity in the SMU student community through the appreciation of different cultures.
2. To ensure the welfare of international students by catering to their social and academic needs.
3. To empower international students by presenting them with opportunities to enrich themselves and the SMU student community.


The Management Committee

The Management Committee (MC) is composed of members of the ICON Executive Committee and the Presidents of the clubs under ICON. Together, they make crucial decisions dealing with the direction of ICON as an association and the welfare of all international students and members of ICON.




As the home for Chinese international students at SMU, Connect China serves as the bridge between international, local and Chinese students, by promoting the exchange of ideas
and culture. We welcome anyone who is interested in Chinese culture to join our big family.


In Chao Vietnam, we mug, we eat, we laugh, we sing, we dance together as a family. We also do a fair share of academic sharing, career development and community service.

Come with us, for an opportunity of your lifetime to explore the exotic arts and the beautiful people of Vietnam.

Chao Vietnam - where smiles spread and minds gather.


SMU Woori Sayi is a Korean Cultural Club open to everyone. Woori Sayi is the place for Korean culture enthusiasts to indulge in anything and everything Korean. Members get to participate and have a hand in organising events such as Korean language lessons, K-Pop competitions, camps and even food outings.


Barkada” is the Filipino term that describes a tight-knit, almost sibling-like group of friends. As a club associated with SMU International Connections (ICON), Barkada dedicates itself to appreciating and sharing the Filipino culture of friendship, camaraderie, and inclusion with students of all racial and national backgrounds.


Yim Siam is a group that's not just about introducing people to Thailand's rich culture, or celebrating national events like Loy Kratong or Songkran--it's about being a fun, dynamic place where you and your friends can watch the biggest Thai movies sweeping the cinemas, experience the vibrant flavours of Thai cuisine, and even enrol in language classes where you can learn how to navigate the streets of Thailand and perhaps negotiate sweet deals!


Japanese Cultural Club @ Singapore Management University (SMU JCC) seeks to promote a deeper understanding of Japanese society, culture and lifestyle among the student population of SMU.
The Club organises bi-weekly events to engage students  in a series of fun and enriching activities organized around the rich culture of Japan. Events include Japanese Language Lessons, Manga Workshops, Taiko Workshops and more. Members take part in the Chingay Parade and Natsu Matsuri every year in close association with the Japanese Association of Singapore.


SMU Roots is the representative of Singapore under SMU ICON - International Connections. We seek to promote intercultural appreciation and interaction between foreign and local students, cultivating greater unity within the SMU community.


Francophiles is open to anyone interested in anything French. We seek to promote appreciation of French culture, including the French language by conducting enriching activities such as French lessons as well as fun activities such as dining and movie sessions.


Al Khaleej aims to raise awareness among the public about Middle Eastern culture and business opportunities in the region, with emphasis on the Gulf Region. We envision ourselves to be a student-led platform to promote greater learning and understanding among the SMU community and the general public about culture and business opportunities in the Gulf region. Through our efforts, we hope to increase the prominence of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region as a place of opportunity amongst our audience.

We are a very young club, and are always on the lookout for new members to grow our numbers! If you are interested to join us as a subcommittee-member for specific events or a club member, feel free to email us.


SMUMC was initiated with a vision to be a representative body of SMU Myanmar community, which can disseminate Myanmar culture into SMU’s vibrant student life and contribute in building cultural harmony within SMU.


SMU Truly Malaysia is a club associated with SMU International Connections (ICON). We aim to bring fellow Malaysians together, making a home here for those who are so close yet so far from home. However, it’s not a place just exclusive for Malaysians. As our motto says – SMUTM, where WE smile together. WE encompasses everyone within and beyond the SMU community. Do join us on our events, we have great food and greater company!


Apsara Cambodia is a club that promotes cultural and business exchange between Singapore & Cambodia. It also assists Cambodian students to adapt to the  SMU environment and is a treasure trove for any information on Cambodia.